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Hamlet - Article 19, 2017

Article 19 presents

Hamlet - Article 19, 2017

by William Shakespeare

8 - 10 Jun in the Studio

Anticipated running time: 3 hours
Please note this is an estimated running time and may be subject to change

This production contains stroboscopic lighting effects and violent scenes.

Article 19 Presents William Shakespeare's 'Hamlet', in an exciting stripped back production performed by a talented student cast from the University of Birmingham.

In the court of Denmark, a new King has ascended, his dead brother’s wife on his arm. While Courtiers welcome him, his nephew Hamlet is baffled. How could anybody be celebrating this marriage or this man? But Norway is making threats, and the court seems happy to have a leader willing to answer them. Agonised by the corruption that nobody else seems to be concerned about, Hamlet cannot bring himself to decisive action. He knows he wants things to change, he’s just not sure how to make it happen, what would make it worse, or what he thinks. Above all he doesn’t know how this happened, how the world went from making sense to decay.

Tickets: £7.50 (Concessions: £5.50)

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