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Hamlet29 Feb - 7 Mar


Summoned home from university, young Prince Hamlet discovers to his horror that his father is dead and that his mother has married his father’s brother, Claudius.

A Bunch of Amateurs21 - 28 Mar

A Bunch of Amateurs

In this engaging comedy, fading Hollywood legend, the egotistical Jefferson Steele, arrives in Stratford to play ‘King Lear’. To his horror he discovers that this particular ‘Stratford’ is a small village in Suffolk and that he is to work with an amateur dramatic company desperate to save its theatre from imminent closure.

Buckets & 100 25 - 28 Mar

Buckets & 100

How to fill what's left of your day. How to fill the rest of your days. Sick buckets, bucket rattling, bucket lists, buckets of love.

Imagine that you must choose one single memory from your life.
Imagine that choosing this memory is your only way of passing through to eternity.
Imagine that you have just one hour to choose...

The Father25 Apr - 2 May

The Father

This intriguing play revolves around Andre, an elderly man with dementia, and his daughter Anne who is struggling to maintain a life of her own as she cares for her father during his painful degeneration.

Cock9 - 16 May


For his entire life John has identified as ‘gay’ and has spent the last seven years sharing a flat with his male partner. During a break in their sometimes-tempestuous relationship he meets a woman, is physically attracted to her and begins a heterosexual affair.

The Wizard of Oz23 - 30 May

The Wizard of Oz

Join us as we fly over the rainbow and travel the yellow brick road for magical adventures on our way to the Emerald City.

Crescent Unplugged 2019/20 Season15 Jun

Crescent Unplugged 2019/20 Season

A lively evening of acoustic music of all types and styles including folk, pop, jazz, rock 'n' roll, soul and even light classical.

Love's Labour's Lost20 - 27 Jun

Love's Labour's Lost

The impetuous king of Navarre and his friends, Berowne, Longaville, and Dumaine, resolve, following a rowdy turn of courtly pleasure, to spend their time in study for three years, totally renouncing the company of women.

Visiting Companies

The George Michael Story 28 & 29 Feb

Reveal Media Promotions

The George Michael Story

Welcome to The George Michael Story with live shows at venues across the UK. The only true accurate tribute to George Michael. The only touring show to perform George Michael's hits in chronological order. The George Michael Story tells in detail, the career of George and his 100 million record selling history.

La Casa de Bernarda Alba3 - 4 Mar

Spanish Theatre Company

La Casa de Bernarda Alba

A drama of women in the villages of Spain.
Lorca’s masterpiece, still relevant today, explores bullying, passion and conformity.

The deliberate exclusion of a male character from the play heightens the sexual tension present.

In Spanish with English surtitles.

BRUNO: A Tribute to Bruno Mars7 Mar

Will Bennett Music and Promotions

BRUNO: A Tribute to Bruno Mars

The UK's leading Bruno Mars Tribute, featuring a fully live & choreographed show. Since winning the official title of UK's Number 1 Bruno Mars Tribute for two consecutive years, the band have performed at theatres and festivals all over the UK and internationally.

8 Mar

Starsteps Dance School

Better When I'm Dancing

A celebration of the joy of performance, featuring a talented cast of children who attend Starsteps Dance School

14 Mar

Wyrley Music & Promotions Ltd

21st Century Abba

Bringing the music of Abba to a new generation!
21st Century Abba recreates all their greatest hits Using latest technologies combined with those famous costumes, 21C Abba loves to have audiences cheering for more and leaving as dancing queens!

Ten Year Anniversary29 Mar


Ten Year Anniversary

Dramaworkshop are celebrating their tenth anniversary with an evening of drama, comedy and musical theatre performances. The show will feature all members of the group aged 7-18.

Mr Puntila and His Man Matti2 - 3 Apr

Newman University

Mr Puntila and His Man Matti

Mr Puntila is a hard-headed businessman in a cut-throat world, with no time for sentiment… unless he’s had a drink (or ten), after which he wants to be everybody’s best mate. Matti, Mr Puntila’s chauffeur, just wants a quiet life.

Pure Queen3 Apr

Wyrley (UK) Ltd

Pure Queen

Are you ready to rock? Are you ready to roll? Okay let's do it!!!....

Pure Queen features over 25 of Queen's classic hits authentically reproduced and delivered with a explosive performance that will leave you rocking in your seat!

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