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Swan LakeSwan Lake   25 Apr
(Ballet Theatre UK)

Swan Lake remains as one of the most enduring, moving and irreplaceable classical ballets due to its fantastical plot filled with romance, sorcery, and betrayal. Join Ballet Theatre UK with their spectacular new production of this timeless classic. This immortal tale tells of a princess held captive as a swan by the spell of an evil magician, a spell that can only be broken if a prince swears true love to her. Featuring new choreography by Artistic Director Christopher Moore and over 120 new costumes and stunning sets this production promises to provide you with a new look at the classic tale and leave you with a new love for Swan Lake.

Painting CloudsPainting Clouds   26 - 28 Apr
(Lilli Lehmann)

Imagine this: Your life is more or less perfect.
Until you find yourself at the wrong place, at the wrong time.
And you crash. Hard.
Suddenly, everything changes. You mistrust others.
The guilty party plays innocent and no one believes you.

What would you do?

The George Michael Story The George Michael Story    26 Apr
(Reveal Media Promotions)

Welcome to The George Michael Story with live shows at venues across the UK. The only true accurate tribute to George Michael. The only touring show to perform George Michael's hits in chronological order. The George Michael Story tells in detail, the career of George and his 100 million record selling history.

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