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Lights, Camera, Dance!    17 & 18 Nov
(Jenz Stage School)

Reel Rock World Tour Reel Rock World Tour    23 Nov
(Snowline Media Ltd)

Get ready for a night of nail-biting adrenaline! The international Reel Rock Film Tour is coming to Bristol this November, featuring a brand-new collection of the most extreme climbing and adventure films on the planet! The tour will premiere four new films, starring the world’s top climbers as they attempt to achieve their lifelong ambitions in far-flung locations, from icy Antarctica to the Bedouin canyonlands of the Middle East. Expect jaw-dropping action, soulful journeys, spectacular scenery and rollicking humour... coming at you through the big screen! Visit www.reelrock.co.uk for more.

A Decade of DanceA Decade of Dance   24 & 25 Nov
(Aimee Louise School of Dance)

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