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MacbethMacbeth   27 - 30 Mar
(All & Sundry)

All & Sundry return to The Crescent stage with Shakespeare's classic tragedy of greed and ambition

CollaborationCollaboration   30 Mar - 6 Apr
(The Crescent Theatre Company)

This powerful play explores the relationship between the composer Richard Strauss, big, bold, intensely creative and prone to speak before thinking and his new librettist, Stephan Zweig, gentle, sensitive and highly diplomatic. The composer had a desperate need to work on a new opera and Zweig was his choice of librettist. There would be national celebrations and Goebbels would be in the audience at its premiere.
But … Zweig was a Jew.

His name had to be eliminated to avoid embarrassment to the National Socialist Party. How would Germany’s greatest living composer cope under increasing pressure from the ruling Nazi party? Would Zweig survive?

Collaboration speaks powerfully about friendship, loyalty, betrayal and sacrifice in the face of terrifying odds.

The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe    4 - 6 Apr
(Midland Theatre Ballet )

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