Booking Charges

Crescent Theatre Company productions and Crescent Cinema ticket prices include the costs associated with offering, staffing, managing and administering our box office system as well as the charges associated with the use of debit and credit cards and therefore we no longer charge an additional transaction fee per ticket.

Hirers of the Crescent that utilise the Crescent box office facility are encouraged to absorb these costs into their ticket prices and therefore advertise the full cost of the ticket in the face value. In some circumstances this is not possible and the Crescent reserves the right to add the necessary associated charges at point of sale.

The Crescent Theatre Box Office – Full Conditions of Sale

Tickets may not be exchanged nor money refunded. The Management reserves the right, in combination with any other statements or directives which may be displayed on the premises, to:

a) refuse admission of the ticket holder to the premises

b) refuse entry of and use on the premises of any camera or any form of audio or visual recording equipment

c) request the ticket holder to leave the premises and to take any appropriate measure to enforce such a request

d) delay entry of latecomers until a suitable break or interval in the performance/event

e) make any change whatsoever in the performance/event owing to any unforeseen or unavoidable cause

f) cancel or abandon the performance/event for reasons beyond its control without notice and without being liable to pay any person any compensation or damage whatsoever other than, at the management’s discretion, a possible percentage or maximum refund to the ticket holder of the value of the ticket

g) from August 1st 2019, all unpaid reservations will be released for re-sale 7 days prior to the performance date. This applies to all bookings.

When there is no performance the Box Office may not be open.

Schools & Group Reservations: Tickets will only be held for 30 days prior to the receipt of a payment. All school and group reservations must be paid in full within 30 days of receipt of the reservation invoice, or 30 days prior to the performance, whichever is sooner. If payment is not received within these timelines the reservation will be cancelled, and tickets released for general sale.

Ticket Exchange: Tickets may be exchanged for a different performance of the same event for a £1 administration fee. This is only possible if the original tickets are received (by post or in person) at the Crescent Box Office at least 24 hours prior to the date and time of the original ticketed performance. Proof of posting will not be accepted as proof of receipt.

Ticket Resale: The Crescent Theatre will endeavour to resell your tickets if necessary. However, we cannot guarantee this service and tickets will only be resold once no other is available for that performance. There is a charge of £1 per ticket.

Groups: Please call the Box Office for details of group rates.

Children: We regret that children under 18 months will not be admitted to shows other than Children/Pantomime shows. They must have a ticket whether they sit on the parents/guardians lap or not. We ask that you respect the enjoyment of other patrons and in the event of restlessness we request that you take the child from the auditorium.

Latecomers: Latecomers cannot be guaranteed immediate entry to the auditoria, but every effort will be made to seat them as soon as there is a suitable break in the performance. No-one can be admitted to the auditoria without a valid ticket.

Ticket Offers and Discounts: Where promotional discounts and ticket offers are made available on specific tickets, performances and/or events, the following will apply.

  • Offers can only be applied to the specific ticket type, performance, event or range of events quoted and cannot be applied to other ticket types, performances and/or events.
  • Relevant offers or offer codes must be quoted when purchasing online, in person or by telephone; the offers may not be applied if the code is not given at time of purchase.
  • Any transaction taken that has been completed without using the relevant offer or code cannot be returned or the difference refunded retrospectively.
  • Offers cannot be applied retrospectively to any tickets purchased in advance of the relevant offer period.
  • Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • All tickets purchased under the offer are subject to the prevailing ticket sales terms and conditions.
  • All tickets purchased under the offer are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged.
  • In the event of a dispute, the decision of the theatre management is final.

Privacy Information

Privacy Policy

Please click the link to view the Crescent Theatre Privacy Policy for detailed information on how we store and process customer information.


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Ticket Purchases

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Access to Data

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