Welcome to The Crescent Theatre’s Membership Duty Booking system.

You can use the system to sign up for available duties at The Crescent.  The duties available to book will change because more duties are added and booked all the time.

All available duties will be show in the system – there is no secret stash that is bookable by calling Box Office or by any other means.  All duties will be available to book on the system first.  Calling Box Office will provide access to the same range of duties as booking directly on the system.

When booking and cancelling duties, please allow the system a few seconds after clicking the book or cancel button.  Please do not double click.

You may bookmark/favourite this page for easy reference, or there is a link to it (Membership Duties) at the very bottom of every page on the Crescent website.  DO NOT bookmark/favourite any other page inside the system as you may be linking to out of date data.

For instructions on how to bookmark/favourite a page, please follow this link.

If you need to cancel a duty within 48 hours of it’s commencement we would be grateful if you also email boxoffice@crescent-theatre.co.uk to let us know so the message is picked up and we can try to organise cover promptly.

If you are logged into a Google/Gmail account, you will need to use a private browsing/incognito window.  See here for more help on how to do this.

For more general help on the system, click here.