Auditions listed below for:

A Streetcar Named Desire

A Christmas Carol (Adults)

A Christmas Carol (Children)

Want to be involved but don’t want to act? There’s always plenty to do backstage – see our membership page for details.

Non-members are welcome but please read the notes on this page.

Membership Commitment – as part of your membership we expect all members to support the theatre by assisting with our Front of House Operations when the theatre is open for performances by either Stewarding, working on the Bar or Coffee Bar. We term this as a “Duty” and members are expected to do ten “Duties” per membership year.

New Members will be asked to do three duties before the run of any production they are cast in. Existing members should ensure that they have fulfilled their quota of duties before auditioning or they may not be considered for a production.

All members should do a minimum of three duties within a four month period.






9th – 16th November in the Ron Barber Studio




Auditions are confirmed for The Crescent’s production of Tennesse William’s American classic A Streetcar Named Desire.

Auditions will consist of a brief talk about my vision of the play/rehearsal period and then you will be put into small groups to work on scenes from the play. There will be several scenes available on the day but I have attached the two scenes I’d like people to read if you are auditioning for the roles of BLANCHE, STELLA or STANLEY.

The productions requires the use of accents from the actors. We will have dialect workshops during the rehearsal period but I would like to try it at the auditions. The play takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana. Blanche has a genteel, Southern belle drawl, not overly strong. Stella still has a bit of a Southern drawl but has lost some of it through the years of living in New Orleans. Pablo and the Mexican woman should have Spanish accents.  Any questions please email me.

The following characters are available for people to audition for:

A NEIGHBOUR who shares a laugh with Eunice over Stanley and Stella and lets Stella know that Blanche has arrived is one of the first people we see.

EUNICE HUBBELL: Stanley and Stella’s upstairs neighbor, to whom Stella turns for comfort when Stanley mistreats her. She is married to Steve Hubbell (see below).

STANLEY KOWALSKI: A brash young man in his twenties who earns his living as a traveling salesman. He is prone to react physically when angered. He and Stella have not been married long, and so are quite comfortable in their 2-room apartment.

STELLA KOWALSKI: Blanche’s younger sister, who left their home, Belle Reve, some time ago. She likes Stanley’s energy and strength, but not the violence. She stands up to him in her way, but has not told him that Blanche is coming to visit.

STEVE HUBBELL: A poker-night and bowling buddy of Stanley’s who lives upstairs from the Kowalski’s with his wife Eunice.

HAROLD (MITCH) MITCHELL: A bachelor poker-night buddy of Stanley’s who lives with his aged mother. He is fascinated by Blanche and wants to protect her.

A MEXICAN WOMAN: A vendor of Mexican funeral decorations who frightens Blanche by issuing the plaintive call “Flores para los muertos,” which means “Flowers for the dead.”

BLANCHE DuBOIS: Stella’s older sister, who lived at Belle Reve as the elderly relatives passed away, holding onto their ancestral home until she could no longer support it on her teacher’s salary. She tells Stella that she just needs a bit of rest from all she’s been through, but there is an air about her that suggests she may be looking for a more permanent haven.

PABLO GONZALES: A poker-night buddy of Stanley’s.

THE NEWSBOY (Young Collector): A teenage boy collecting for the local paper. Something in his face or voice so reminds Blanche of a former beau from her Belle Rive days; she returns to that time and flirts with him.

A DOCTOR and NURSE from the sanitarium.

There will be a rehearsal schedule available at the auditions. Everyone who wishes to be part of the production MUST be available for all technical rehearsals and performances.

If you would like any more information please don’t hesitate to contact me on

Look forward to seeing you at auditions,

James David Knapp

(Director – A Streetcar Named Desire)


Nearly everyone loves ‘A Christmas Carol’ and to those who say they don’t I say, “Bah humbug!”

The last time it was performed at the Crescent it was very successful.   This year’s production will be even more so.

Using basically the same script, in mostly Dickens’ own words, it will keep closely to the author’s narrative and intentions but is not just a repeat of that production.

The piece is a huge undertaking moving as it does with cinematic pace and requiring a large and versatile cast that is willing to have a go at what ever the script demands of them. There will be much double casting, the actor taking on the role of Scrooge being the only exception.

The list of other characters is long, Jacob Marley, the three Ghosts, Mr and Mrs Fezziwig, Bob Cratchit and his wife, Nephew Fred and his wife, Belle and her husband, various gentlemen, lighthouse keepers, miners, sailors at sea, Robinson Crusoe, Ali Barba, Man Friday, Old Joe and his harem, numerous crowd scenes, beggars, Christmas shoppers … and all those costume changes in between!

It passes through Times Past, Present and Future and although published in 1843 it had a mission in mind that remains powerfully relevant today.


Tuesday 17th September at 7.30pm

Saturday 21st September at 2.00pm

  • Reading parts will be presented at the auditions and there will be opportunity to rehearse scenes before auditions take place.
  • For your convenience detailed information regarding the rehearsal and performance schedule can be found in the accompanying attachment.
  • Performances take place from 3rd to the 14th December.
  • There are nineteen performances including morning matinees and on a number of days there are two performances.

Being in “A Christmas Carol” will be a hectic and demanding ensemble experience requiring energy, focus, punctuality, and commitment to the team.

It will also be immense fun!

I look forward to seeing you at the auditions.

If you have any queries please contact me on

Alan K. Marshall (Director)

Rehearsal Schedule


It’s time to start thinking about Christmas.   Do we ever really stop?   Especially when there’s a full scale production of “A Christmas Carol” which needs to be prepared.

It started in March when December 2018 had only just gone and the next one seemed so far away.   But here we are talking auditions with a mountain of things to do and it all seems so exciting.


Some of you might already belong to our loyal team of young performers who have enriched the Crescent’s performances before.   It would be so good to see you back at the auditions.

But we also need new faces and new talents.   It will be equally good to see you, too.

There are important parts to fill :

  • Young Ebenezer
  • Cratchit children,
  • Ebenezer’s sister, Fanny
  • Turkey Boy
  • Ignorance (boy)
  • Want (girl)
  • And a lot of smaller but very important roles in crowd scenes.

You might have a special accomplishment, juggling, acrobatic skills, skateboarding talents and with your parents’ permission show us what you can do.

There will be some very simple movement, no ballet, tap and agro or Morris, but wear something comfortable that will suit if the director decides to include rolling about on the floor.


The auditions for the child members of the company of “A Christmas Carol” will be held on

Saturday 14th September at 2.00pm

Crescent Theatre, Sheepcote Street, Brindleyplace, Birmingham, B16 8AE.

I will be looking for children between the ages of 8 and 14 years old.

The Crescent has a well established reputation for the quality of care that it provides to ensure the well being of the young people in its productions.

At first the children will be called to rehearse on Saturday afternoons to avoid late nights during the school week. However, as the production nears completion we will have no choice but to call them in for evening rehearsals.

The production runs from 3rd to 14th December for 19 performances.

Some of these will take place during school time and therefore the school will have to consent to your child’s involvement.

I hope to halve the amount of school time lost by having have two alternating teams of ten children.

I have added two attachments.   One is the audition form which I would ask you to complete before the audition and is to be returned when you bring your child on the day.

The other is a detailed list of rehearsals and performances.   The children will not be called to all rehearsals and you will be given advanced warning when they are required.   Performance dates will be made available once casting is completed and the groupings decided

If you have any queries please contact me on

I look forward very much to meeting you at the auditions.

Alan K Marshall (Director)

Child Audition Sheet

Rehearsal Schedule