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Want to be involved but don’t want to act? There’s always plenty to do backstage – see our membership page for details.

Non-members are welcome but please read the notes on this page.

Membership Commitment – as part of your membership we expect all members to support the theatre by assisting with our Front of House Operations when the theatre is open for performances by either Stewarding, working on the Bar or Coffee Bar. We term this as a “Duty” and members are expected to do ten “Duties” per membership year.

New Members will be asked to do three duties before the run of any production they are cast in. Existing members should ensure that they have fulfilled their quota of duties before auditioning or they may not be considered for a production.

All members should do a minimum of three duties within a four month period.


by Nick Newman & Ian Hislop

Performance Dates: 21st – 28th March 2020

Rehearsals Start: Sunday, 19th January


  • Sunday 12th January from 10.30am
  • Tuesday 14th January from 7.00pm

Audition pieces will be available on the nights but contact me if you want a preview.


Jefferson Steel  fading Hollywood star who is arrogant, insecure, demanding, vulnerable and a whole lot else!

Dorothy Nettle director of the Stratford Players and the moving force behind keeping the Players alive; her sweet and accommodating nature conceals her inner steel.   

Jessica Steel Jefferson’s neglected teenage daughter. Now she wants to make her father pay.

Nigel Dewberry  solicitor and leading light of the Players; pompous, stuck-up and self regarding; believes he should be the star in every show; fancies his romantic chances with Dorothy.

Mary Plunkett Owner of The Rectory B&B; jolly, generous and unashamedly adoring of Jefferson.

Denis Dobbins  Handy man and Mr Fixit it; avuncular but rather dull; star struck by Jefferson.

Lauren Bell  thirty something, marketing executive, ex physiotherapist and the sponsor of the Players’ trophy wife; passionate about the “arts”.

Journalists off stage played by the ensemble.

Ages are somewhat flexible since darlings, we are all actors, aren’t we? I feel, however, that Mary and Denis are “mature”, Jessica is obviously young, Dorothy, Nigel and Lauren 30ish and Jefferson a fading 60ish.

The plot revolves around the efforts both to save the Players from extinction and to persuade the somewhat deluded Jefferson that his star quality will shine through his performance of Lear to revive the theatre’s fortunes.

I look forward to seeing you at the auditions.

Many thanks,

Dave Hill