Underground has now launched!

Now taking bookings for our Bar space, no longer just on Mondays. For £84.00 a night and a capacity of 70, the Bar is perfect for Music or Comedy. See below for current availability.

That intimate feel and something a bit different. A brand new venue will be joining Underground so check back soon.

Current Bar Availability

  • Monday, 14th September 2020
  • Tuesday, 15th September 2020
  • Wednesday, 16th September 2020
  • Thursday, 17th September 2020
  • Friday, 18th September 2020
  • Monday, 21st September 2020
  • Monday, 5th October 2020

For further details contact the Venue Hire team on 0121 643 4929 or alternatively you can send an email to manager@crescent-theatre.co.uk