Venue: Ron Barber Studio

Duration: 1 hours *

Price: From £16.00

This production contains strong language, violent scenes, adult themes and Reference to Sexual Assault & Alcoholism.

Directed by Matthew Lewinton

Mr Carter is running late, Mr Carter never runs late...
Someone's losing their job today. And Tony, Isobel and Thomas will do just about anything to make sure it's not their head on the chopping block.

Bull, written by Mike Bartlett, is a razor sharp piece about workplace politics, asking how far removed we are from the playground bullying of our youth, and whether the lighthearted remarks we make might have a more sinister quality to them.

Produced by Sonderous Theatre Company

Please note the show contains references to sexual violence and is suitable for ages 13 and over.

Tue 8th Feb: 19.15
Wed 9th Feb: 14.15 & 19.15
Thu 10th Feb: 19.15
Fri 11th Feb: 14.15 & 19.15
Sat 12th Feb: 19.15

Tickets: £17.00

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