R.A.T. presents


by Nell Hardy

19 - 20 Jul 2022

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Venue: Ron Barber Studio

Duration: 1 hours *

Price: From £9.00

Suitable Age: 14+

This production contains strong language.

A dizzying, poetic journey through one woman's true experiences of homelessness and mental health hospitalisation. With devastating authenticity, disarming humour and, ultimately, hope, NoMad asks: who decides what madness is in a society that treats people like this?

"There's a bed for me in a psychiatric ward.
So no, they can't tick the box for homeless.
I've been ready for discharge for months.
So no, they can't tick the box for madness, either.

No, I'm not mad.
No. I'm not mad.

And they don't have a box to tick for a NoMad."

Performed as part of Birmingham Fest

Trigger Warnings: There are no graphic depictions during the show, but there are mentions of homelessness, rough sleeping, domestic abuse, dissociation, restrictive eating/drinking, and attempted suicide.

Show Dates and Times

DateTimeOn Sale
Tue, 19th Jul7:00pm
Wed, 20th Jul7:00pm

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