Louise Atkinson presents

Louise Atkinson: Mates

by Louise Atkinson

22 Jul 2022

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Louise Atkinson: Mates

Venue: Roma's Room

Duration: 55 mins*

Price: From £3.24

Suitable Age: 16+

This production contains strong language.

A WIP comedy show from Amused Moose Finalist & Harrogate new Comedian of the Year finalist, Louise Atkinson.

You can never complete a night out with your friends unless someone has cried over their ex, you've all made a new best friend in the toilets that you'll never see again, and you've done three laps of the bar looking for Lisa. Seriously though, where is she?

Our friends are our chosen family. From the happiest times to breaking up with friends, grab a pint (of wine) and Louise will recount some of her funniest memories. Hopefully we find Lisa.

Louise's show examines the role friendships play in our lives. We all have the same kind of friend in our life: thoughtful, energetic, vomit-over-a-bouncer after half a WKD. However, do we appreciate these relationships as much as any other?
Louise explores that friendship forms the fundamental basis of all relationships, and how that can be amazing, but also how, when it goes wrong, friendships can break up - which are devastating, not spoken about very often, and hilarious.

Performed as part of Birmingham Fest

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Fri, 22nd Jul9:00pm

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