Logging In

  • Your Membership Duties account is a stand alone account not linked to any other account you may have
  • It uses the same email address as you have registered on our Box Office system, Spektrix, but it is not linked
    • If you change your password for Spektrix, that does not change your password for Membership Duties
    • If you change your email address in Spektrix yourself in My Account, this will not update your email address on Membership Duties – please contact the Box Office for this change.

Booking/Cancelling Duties

  • It can take a few seconds for the system to update once you click BOOK or CANCEL.  Please allow the system a moment or two to update – do not double click


  • The system will send you a calendar invitation that will go to the calendar linked to your email address
  • You can set any reminder you like on this invitation whether that’s an hour, a day, a week or any other amount of time before your duty.
  • Some calendars will allow you to set multiple reminders, so if you need a reminder to put some black clothes through the wash a couple of days before, you can.

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