Welcome to the Crescent Theatre Digital Archive. Here you will find a list of every show produced by the Crescent Theatre’s membership, as well as information about the productions.

Currently, every show has a production sheet listing everyone who was credited in that show’s programme (with the exception of shows where information is missing). Some names and job titles may not match their original programme listings – this is for the sake of clarity, consistency and error correction. Original programmes will never be altered, but production sheets aim to reflect the most recently accurate information. Any member who would like the name used for them in production sheets to be updated, for any reason, should feel free to make this request to archives@crescent-theatre.co.uk.

Recent shows will also have photos, posters and any other extant promotional materials available to view. Over time, as we continue digitising the physical archive, almost all shows will have photos available to view.

The archive is, and will always be, a work in progress. Contributions will always be welcome, as are any other questions or requests that anyone may have. To get in touch, please email archives@crescent-theatre.co.uk.

To use:

Shows are listed by decade. Please click the decade of the show you are looking for below, then click on the title of the show to be brought to its archive page. These pages are in Google Drive, and are best viewed in grid mode, which can be activated by pressing this button in the top right hand of the screen:

Each show has a landing page with a few featured photos and promotional materials. Click the folder titled ‘Additional Photos’ to see all photos from the production. Click the folder titled ‘Additional Promotional Materials’ to see more versions of posters and promotional materials from the production. Some shows will also have a folder titled ‘Behind the Scenes’ – click this for photos and videos taken by cast and crew members.

All materials in these folders have unique names. Please use these names when inquiring about specific photos or posters to avoid confusion.