Christmas 1923 – A group of city council employees decide to put on a short play in the Council House Canteen

January 31 1924 – Interested council employees meet to discuss the idea of forming a theatre society

February 14 1924 – The formation of the Municipal Players is officially announced

1924In Honour Bound / Spreading the News / The Autocrat of the Coffee StallSydney Grundy / Lady Gregory / Harold ChapinErnest Sandford / Bladon Peake / Herbert A. Thompson
The Dear Departed / In The Zone / It’s the Poor that ‘elps the PoorStanley Houghton / Eugene O’Neill / Harold ChapinErnest Sandford / Herbert A. Thompson / Bladon Peake
The Case of Lady CamberHorace Annesley VachellHerbert A. Thompson
1925Postal Orders / Les RomanesquesRoland Pertwee / Edmond RostandHerbert A. Thompson / Bladon Peake
The Autocrat of the Coffee Stall / Les RomanesquesHarold Chapin / Edmond RostandHerbert A. Thompson / Bladon Peake
Playgoers / The Monkey’s Paw / The RomanticsArthur Pinero / W. W. Jacobs and Louis N. Parker / Bladon PeakeErnest Sandford / Herbert A. Thompson / Bladon Peake
The Proposal / The Price of Coal / St. Simeon StylitesAnton Chekhov / Harold Brighouse / Herbert Sladen-SmithLeonard Crabtree / M. H. Weston / Maud M. Johnson
1926Arms and the ManGeorge Bernard ShawC. Garrett Holden
The Constant Lover / The VeilSt. John Hankin / Bladon PeakeErnest Sandford / Bladon Peake
Phipps / CandidaStanley Houghton / George Bernard ShawUnknown / Bladon Peake
At Mrs Beam’sC. K. MunroLeonard Crabtree
A Merry DeathNicholas EvreinovT. E. Smith
1927Gallant Cassian / A Merry Death / Thirty Minutes in a StreetArthur Schnitzler / Nicholas Evreinov / Beatrice MayorDorothy C. Ardagh and Stanley G. Hawes / Bernard Waters / Miss N. G. Cowdy
The Circle of the Sword / Pity the Blind / Before the DawnH. S. Fothergill / Bladon Peake / Norman H. LeakerCecil M. Abbott and Miss K. Hughes / Walter V. Roe / Thomas C. Kemp
Twelfth NightWilliam ShakespeareThomas C. Kemp
1928The Stepmother / The Far-away Princess / The Poetasters of IspahanArnold Bennett / Hermann Sudermann / Clifford BaxLeonard Crabtree / S. G. Hawes / Carol R. Levitas
Not Exactly / The Harvest of FaithBernard Waters / Thomas C. KempBernard Waters / Thomas C. Kemp
The Merry Wives of WindsorWilliam ShakespeareThomas C. Kemp
1929Madame PepitaG. Martinez SierraBladon Peake
The Suicides in the Rue Sombre / The WallLeonard Merrick, adapated by Norman H. Leaker / Thomas C. KempNorman H. Leaker / Thomas C. Kemp
The Dark Lady of Sonnets / The Countess CathleenGeorge Bernard Shaw / W. B. YatesNorman H. Leaker / Bladon Peake

Documents on these pages reproduced with permission of the Library of Birmingham. Our thanks to them for preserving of our materials.